In early 1996, Ford finally decided to commission the build of a limited group of SVT Cobra Coupe's with Mystic paint. ​ The factory assembly line in Dearborn was stopped while all 1999 of the Mystic Cobra bodies were all painted at once.  This was to reduce costs and wastes due to the high value of Mystic paint.  Mystic #1 had been painted previously and was on tour as Ford's Press/Test car.  It did not originally share the same formula Mystic as the other 1999 cars.  It has since been repainted Mystic due to age and the bad condition it was found in. ​ Even though all 2000 of the Mystic Cobras were painted in order, their VIN numbers were not sequential.   

One 1996 Mystic Cobra was turned into Saleen S281 #96-0189

The painting process is a simple tri-coat process.  The Cobras all started life as black coupe shells.  Then the Mystic color coat was applied, then clear coat.

There is no actual color in the color coat of Mystic.  The color you see is strictly created by the prism platelets within the coating.  The reason you only see certain colors is because the paint was cut with a large amount of black toner, which cancelled out brighter coloring.

Stories we've all heard about government agents supervising repairs of Mystic Cobras during the late 90's and early 2000's are 100% true.   There are multiple confirmations from painters, and owners of Mystics, that an official from either BASF, US Treasury, or the US Secret Service being in attendance.   Those agents did supervise the painting process.  When the process of painting the car was completed, those agents would help the painter clean up and all materials containing Mystic paint were placed inside a sealed container and shipped back to BASF. 

The reason for this process is quite simple.  They are preventing counterfeiting with money.  At the time, Mystic paint in liquid form could be filtered and the prism platelets could be extracted to be used elsewhere.  Once Mystic is dry and hard, the prism platelets can no longer be extracted.

With the changes in how money is made in several countries, the components used to make Mystic are no longer under anyone's oversight.   Ford is the only entity that still uses internal processes to purchase and acquire Mystic.  The same goes for all of the colors found in BASF's extreme color palette including the exclusive Saleen Speedlab colors such as Extreme Rainbow, which are available restriction free.


Ford again intended to build another Cobra with a variation of Mystic for the 2000 model year.    This time it was going to be a yellow/gold color called "Mystic Gold".

The idea was to revive the rare / odd color combination after the fanfare of the 1996 Mystic Cobra.    Ford intended to offer the Mystic Gold Cobra in both coupe and convertible form.

Unfortunately due to the problems Ford and SVT had with the 1999 Cobra and the restrictive intake and exhaust recalls they were under, Ford cancelled the year 2000 model run of SVT Cobras and with it, the Mystic Gold Cobra was never made.

Ford only made V6 and GT Mustangs in 2000 along with the 300 SVT Cobra R's all made in Red.


Once again, Ford decided to make a color changing Cobra in limited quantities.    In 2004, Ford went with a different paint manufacturer this time around.

With the fame and fanfare of the SVT Terminator Cobra that came out in 2003, Ford built 515 coupes, and 495 convertibles with a paint called MystiChrome.

The paint closely resembled the 1996 Mystic paint, but was much brighter and more blue colored than the very dark Mystic.

Ford had leather pieces of the interior also dyed with the MystiChrome pigment.   The center portions of the seats and the hand grips on the steering wheel were also MystiChrome and changed colors like the paint did.

Saleen also converted 3 of the 04 MystiChrome Cobras into very special cars.   They made 2 coupes and 1 convertible.